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Good place

Good place

It was only recently that I’ve truly realized that Delaware is a really good place to live. I mean, since I have turned to photography as an avocation.

When I have shop-closing days, such as Sundays and holidays, I enjoy strolling and taking pictures in the parks in Delaware. Whenever I do so, the thought that “Living in Delaware is really a blessing on me” always comes to my mind.

So was it on the last Sunday.

With this and that concerns and fatigue loaded from the week, I started strolling in White Clay Creek Park. While I was taking a walk, the comfort which I got from the tender green colors of the woods and deep creases in the trunks of old trees lightened the weight of the concerns and fatigue in my mind and my footsteps became light and lively.

Colors in between spring and summer! They were the colors of the clothes which the paths in the woods wore that day. Though it was for barely over an hour, the joy and happiness which I enjoyed in walking on the paths alone without running into anybody were really great.

And the thought about which I kept thinking was that “Living in Delaware is what I feel really grateful for.”

It’s May, the queen of seasons.

I wish that every moment of here and now will always be times in which you feel grateful.

From your cleaners.