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We offer…

We offer…
Before I knew it, it is the last Sunday of April and it’ll be May this week. The time between spring and summer, though it is rather short, is the period with overflowing gratitude for pleasant weather and nature. I wish that you’ll have a week in which cheery and wonderful things will be all around with you.
Today I’d like to tell you about my cleaners.
Almost two months have passed since I started to operate the cleaners at the new site. I want to thank you for your encouragement and care during the cleaners’ moving and settling at the new site. Very special thanks to the customer who helped me a lot in moving machinery and equipment and connecting to the gas line to operate the boiler.
Now everything has fallen into place and I can run the cleaners normally.
While I’ve been running the cleaners at the new site for about two months, what has troubled my mind most is the stairs between the parking lot and the store.
Especially when I see the elderly customers with clothes come and go, I feel sorry more than thankful.
The fact that parking at the new site is less convenient than the previous site has weighed on my mind, too.
I’ve been thinking about the measures to solve or alleviate these problems. First, I’m starting to offer pick-up and delivery service as one of the measures.
Especially when senior citizens or those who may have difficulty moving want the service, I’ll serve them in exactly the same way as when they come to the cleaners without any strings attached. For this service, I purchased a small delivery truck.
In order to offer better services to the customers in the changed environment, I’m thinking about various ways. One of them is to modify and better organize the web site(https://knlcleaners.com/).
I offer my sincere gratitude to you for cherishing our service as always, and I’m substituting news about the cleaners for a weekly letter.
Thank you very much.
From your cleaners.