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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

My wife and I always keep a dream while we run the cleaners. That is to spend days at the cleaners while we stay healthy and feel grateful for small things without being greedy.

As all dreams do, the reality doesn’t seem to be like what we dreamed of. My wife and I often get into arguments while we work at the cleaners. Furthermore, though I know well that it should not happen, sometimes a flush mounts to our faces while we get into arguments with customers.

When that kind of thing happens, I feel terrible and regret it bitterly, asking myself “Why did I do that?”

The same thing happened yesterday morning. Aside from who is right, as I work in the service industry, I should not have gotten my opinion across so hard. Though I knew that pretty well, I regret that I made it happen.

For a while, I worked while I felt jammed up inside with frustration and regret. Then, I left the store after I told my wife that I’d go out for air and be back in an hour.

I walked around the Newark Reservoir when the rain stopped. While I was walking, I really felt shameful.

That’s especially because I realized that the world which I see from a step back looks very different and that I can see beauty and splendor in the differences.

It is definitely spring. It is the time when lights change colors.


I wish that your day and week will be full of the vibrant feel of spring.

Happy Easter!

From your cleaners.